Welcome :)

So, before I start chatting away on the most randomn things, a little introduction would be in place! My name is Madeline, I’m 23 years old and I am a university student in the Netherlands. I love the internet, from youtube to online shopping to blogs, and I really like make-up. Lately, I’ve been into eating healthy and losing weight as well. I use Weight Watchers online to achieve my goals, and that’s going pretty well. I’m planning to talk about books, healthy lifestyle, make up, the interwebs and everything else I feel like chatting about. I love comments, so please do leave them and I will reply! I had a beauty blog before this, but there is a lot more that I would like to chat about, and I’m not the biggest make-up guru out there (understaaaatement) so I figured I should leave actual beauty blogging to someone else.

As you might understand, my native language is Dutch. My English might not be perfect! Please correct me when I make mistakes, but be nice as well pretty please! Also, misschattishnl.wordpress.com is my other blog that will only be in Dutch!

Please enjoy!

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